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Soh: Cassie app by RebelleEcoRapunzel Soh: Cassie app by RebelleEcoRapunzel

:bulletblue: Name: Cassie Inara Walter

:bulletblue: Age: 17

:bulletblue: Rank: C

:bulletblue: Class: Ranger

:bulletblue: Dorm: Celes

:bulletblue: Grade: Junior/3rd Year

:bulletblue: Personality: Cassie is mostly a kind hearted soul, she's not shy of others and won’t be afraid to talk to people or help them with problems. She is very religious but she won’t push it on anyone but she will be offended if someone insults her religion. She loves to sit around and read books while sitting under a tree. Her favorite time of the year is winter and she loves stories about Jack Frost. Cassie also loves dressing up in different clothes, she hates when people dis her clothing which will lead a rude remark from this kind angel. She can cares for everything around her even humans and animals.  She gets emotional when thinking about how much she misses her dad and even thinking about the future, she is sometimes fearful that her dreams won’t come true.

:bulletblue: Background Story:

Cassie was born in Egypt during the winter time in Africa, she was born from her mother Honey. She grew up in a small house hold but she tried her best to help her mother even at a young age.  She spent most of her time with her family instead of going out to play with the other children. By the time she was seven years old she learned how to dance and sing from some traveling performers and even performed with them whenever they came into town or visited her. By the time she was ten years old, her mother had married a man from out of the country.

 When Cassie was eleven years old she moved to London to meet her step-father’s parents and her new grandparents.  She stood out from the others within the new school she was going to. She learned very quickly and picked up on the English language. By the time her next birthday came, she was surprised by how big of a party that her grandparents threw for her and even invited some of her classmates over for the party. It was the first time that she made some friends among her class mates.

Cassie made some enemies over the years, after being picked on about her skin color and her hair color. She suddenly lashed out at the girl and beat up the girl, she was suspended from the school for a few days. She learned how to fight from some upper classman during her after school hours. She got into some more fights with other girls and got suspended even more from school. Soon after Cassie went to go stay with her grandparents back in Egypt when she was sixteen. After finding out that she had anger issues and was easy to make angry, they found a purpose for her to dance and sing song to calm her down and try to get her to do more things to help her be more creative.

When she turned seventeen her parents came to get her from Egypt and told her that they were moving to a new place once again. Fearing that this new place might turn out like London, she refused to move away from her home. Her mother had to beg her to come with them and finally Cassie accepted coming with them. They traveled across countless countries until they got to Japan. She was amazed by the sights of the new country and hope that this fresh start would help her turn from her violent ways.

:bulletblue: Likes:

:bulletgreen: Sweets

:bulletgreen: Fantasy and Romance books

:bulletgreen: Drawing

:bulletgreen: Music

:bulletgreen: animals

:bulletblue: Dislikes:

:bulletred: Sour foods

:bulletred:  violence

:bulletred: Rude, ignorant, snobby people

:bulletred: seafood


:bulletred: User Skills:

 1-  Can shoot with precise and precision

:bulletred: Heart Spirit / Fusion Skills:

 1-  Has control over ice and snow.

 2-  Enhanced healing.

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nekomakino Featured By Owner Edited Mar 20, 2017  Professional Artisan Crafter
You have purchased:

  • Extra Weapon Slot x1 = 1500 AC (The Extra Weapon is for your Current Active Character)
  • Character Slot x1 = 3000 AC (Character slots are for FULL APP CHARACTERS:
The items have been added to your inventory.

Your current Arcana Coins are now: 6070

Thank you for your purchase!
saber360 Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014
She's so beautiful ^///^
RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks ^^
nekomakino Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter

1- your heart spirit has wrong distribution points, every stat has a 5 points base and you have to distribute 25 points between them, no more, no less than 25. Each time your user rank lvls up you"ll get 25 more points for your heart spirit and this will be informed through notes. We are stil constructing this info, and as soon as everything is ready it will be placed in the example sheet…

we apologize for not clearing this info beforehand.

2- Please add more info about your character history as possible, from childhood to current days, every little detail is to be taken in count. You ca use my previous character sheet to have a look at how the app should be filled with info shadows-of-hearts.deviantart.c…

once this 2 thing have been corrected, we"ll inmediately send you the membership request, please take as much time as it may be needed to make your corrections.

your app has been placed in the approval stage.

RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay they have been corrected. I hope that Number one is right.
RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner May 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Okay. Can I get some help with Problem number one. I'm still not understanding. As for the history I can fix that and add more info.
nekomakino Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
As we explained, your heart spirit stats have a base of 5 points each stat, from there you have to divide the points you already gained. one other thing I missed is that since you made it before June 15th, your OC rank is "Rank C" correct? This means you have the initial 25 points of rank D + 25 points from Rank C, your total points to divide now is 50 :-)

example: I'm gonna give you as example the stats of one of my oc's I'm updating right now. I divided the 25 initial heart spirit points given to players 10, 10 and 5 

This are the base stats of all spirits
str: 5 
vit: 5 
luk: 5
int: 5 
agi: 5

this are the stats of one of my Rank D oc's spirit
str: 5 --> +10 = 15
vit: 5 --> +10 = 15
luk: 5
int: 5 --> +5 = 10
agi: 5

i decided to focus my heart spirit into psychical strength so I didn't bother to add points to luk and agi, if you want for example a heart spirit who would focus on defence you would need to focus on vit, luk and agi. If you want a heart spirit that can do quick stuff you would need to focus it on luk and agi.

We"ll further explain this as soon as we can, unfortunately I don't have the time to do it right now, but between this weekend and the other I will update the info in the example sheet and the character sheet resource.

Now, history is oki doki my dear :) all is missing is that my explanation about points is enough right now, if there is anything you still don't understand, I'm here to try and explain further.

hope this his helps out.
RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner May 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
That helps and all done with it.
nekomakino Featured By Owner May 23, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
You still are missing 25 points, you currently have 25 extra points from the Rank C, the base points have nothing to do with this points.

base points are a equal quantity of points that all spirits have initially and from there you had to add the initial 25 points from rank D (which you already divided) and the 25 points from Rank C (which you still haven't used).

Sorry for being so delaying, we just can't let stuff slide from apps before completely accepting members.
RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
It's cool, I understand. I fixed the stats like you asked.
nekomakino Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Alright dear, everything's in order~ welcome to SoH, we"ll inform you via note once your Oc earns a new Rank and the corresponding points for app update later in the plot.

i"ll send you the membership right away.

and thank you for your patience.
RebelleEcoRapunzel Featured By Owner May 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
No, Thank you for putting up with me. I can be slow at times lol and thank you.
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